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The Caps Group Ltd. offers a number of years experience in the furniture market , shops and various equipment.
Our expertise in the industry and marketing of highly qualified materials make the Capas Group srl unique partner for the furbishing of each type of activity ' .

The business objective , in addition to product warranty, is aimed at the thorough search of furnishings to satisfy every single request.
Thanks to its trade policy, the Capas Group srl is able to offer its customers the preparation of any type of commercial premises (bars, restaurants , salumenrie , butchers, clothing , jewelry , etc ...) using all the elements that contribute to the realization a unique décor and comfortable .

The company making use of an expert working group takes care of everything 'that concerns the renovation and equipping of the store scrupulously taking care of all the steps that are necessary .
Design and construction of custom quotes , until the execution of the equipment work are the stages that characterize the work of which are handled by the company at a competitive cost and in a short time .


Abou us

Per qualsiasi tipo di informazione commerciale sono disponibili i nostri uffici con personale qualificato che accoglierà le vostre richieste cercando di soddisfare al meglio le vostre esigenze.


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